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Our Why

Liminal space is the gap between what was and what is yet to be. Liminal Culture Co. is a group of practitioners and facilitators who help organizations, teams, leaders and individuals bridge the gap between existing and aspired culture through three essential design principles: Experiential Learning, Backward-Forward Insight, and Covenant Clients.

Experiential Learning 

We believe culture is an embodied experience. So, we don’t do sit-stay-heel programs or speeches. We curate inspiring environments, subject matter expertise, and experiential service learning into a transformational cultural journey. 

Backward-Forward Insight

We believe the past influences (but does not dictate) the present or the future. So, we practice looking backward with gratitude and curiosity to unlock clarity and momentum moving forward.  

Covenant Clients 

We believe transformation takes time and intentionality. So we establish long-term, reciprocal and covenantal relationships with our clients grounded in insightful discovery, current research, custom design and aligned accountability. 

Business Meeting
Image by David Klein

What are 
Best Moments?

For organizations, Best Moments are the times when your teams and organization were operating efficiently and meeting the demands of customers with significant success felt both internally and externally.

For individuals, Best Moments are core past experiences, found in your story, in which you were living out your values, deeply connected relationally, and living out your purpose, clearly.

The Liminal Culture Framework focuses on defining clarity for the future and generating momentum (frequency) of new Best Moments, leading to a greater sense of success and purpose, and greater results.
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